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daitare parone

A teenager's journey into and adult world is marked by physical changes that are apparent, and psychological changes that are not so apparent. An important phenomenon is increased interest in the opposite sex. That's why dating is an important part of teenage life.

Dating can be an infatuation filled experience for a teenager but it is a must for them. It can be a first casual interaction between the opposite sexes or even the same sexes also. But it is beyond a doubt that dating is magical and has a potent effect on the people who try it out.

So what is all the hype about? In years gone by, courting was the olden day version of the more modern dating. Courting, more of a catch me if you can type dating scenario became a societal norm. Courting was time to get to know one another, to develop a friendship before the complications of a relationship were thrown into the mix.

These days we call it dating, but it is a far cry from the simplistic courting that our parents were accustomed too. Or is it? Maybe today we are much more open and that openness has brought about the difference in courting versus dating.

Today dating is a cool thing! It's a must! Caused by the overload of hormones in the body, it causes the mind to go into a tizzy and loose control. No longer are the days when men wooed women with chivalry, today dating is a complex game that both sexes are prepared to play.

With many avenues of dating available to us today, dating serves an identifiable purpose to most. Dating is about how to find your first sexual experience, how to find that life long partner that you have often dreamt about; dating is about life experience an act where it could occur just the once or could continue for months, often years. Dating could spark romance or electrify with heartbreak.

So how do we go about finding a date? Dating services are everywhere. Every subway billboard lists web based dating services, every late night television advertisement mentions dating chat lines, every newspaper has a lonely-hearts column, every club offers a speed dating.

In the changing times where competition is growing and people are finding it hard to manage stress and career orientation. Dating is the easiest way to get a relief. Apart from some exceptions, it has even become a status symbol. We are dating for the sake of it.

daitare parone is the webmaster of c u p dating which is a premier resource for dating information. for more information, go to


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