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Seduction Science

Guided Home Audio Tantra Course


How Does An Average Looking Joe Stand-Out From The Other Guys And Have Women Picking Him Over The Rest

"If you want to be truly successful with women, you've got to learn ways to create instant attraction with women"

What does the words "create attraction" really mean?

Ok - think of it this way...

Physically attractive, hot looking women have TONS of options when it comes to men.

Whether they like it or not, they are approached by men ALL THE TIME.

Now, if you've an average looking or probably physically 'unattractive' kinda guy -- how do YOU stand out from the rest then?

How do these physically attrac.tive women choose their men?

What makes them sit up and take notice then?

Guys think that they will score better with a woman if their physically attractive... this is where their DEAD WRONG.

Instead, women find men with strong character & personality traits much more APPEALING to them.

Simply put -- CHARACTER & PERSONALITY are what women find most ATTRACTIVE in men. NOT looks.

Get that in your head.

How do you attract them?

Be flirtingly playful:

- Send mixed signals (make her laugh, give her an enjoyable time, let her think you're interested in her, then suddenly walk away)

- Be a mystery to her (when she asks for your name, don't give her a direct answer, if she asks for your accupation, tell her you're a crocodile hunter, the point is to keep her guessing, etc)

- Tease her (if she wants something from you, tell her she has to EARN it)

- Dominant (being the one in control of the situation and never allowing others to effect it)

What you must understand is in order for you to create attraction, you've got to first spark and then AMPLIFY the se.xual attraction in her for you by communicating with her through playful verbal and non-verbal flirting.

Attraction is created by playfully flirting, using humor and demonstrating personality traits that women find most appealing to her... at the same time projecting you're in CONTROL of the situation in a very laid back & relaxed manner.

In order to create attraction then, you must constantly be using it on a woman.

You can't just use it "once in a while."

Instead, you've got to use it ALL THE TIME when you're with woman you're eye-ing for. And once you've done it enough, and IF you did it the 'right' way, you'll notice how women will open up to you & start flirting back with you in a playful, sensual and exciting way as well...

Let me give you an example...

If you say something like "Hi, my name's John. I can't help but notice how beautiful you are and I just had to come up and get to know you"...

This is NOT flirting.

Instead, you could go

Her: So are you here alone?

You: I'm not answering that.

Her: Why not?

You: How would I know if you're not a serial stalker.

Her: Hey (laughs) -- do I look like one?

You: Do you REALLY want to know the answer? ;-)

Do you get what I'm trying to say here?

I'm taking an everyday, casual question and turning it into something playful & fun with her.

You see, when you communicate to her in this manner, you're FLIRTING, being playful & TEASING her in a way that most men NEVER DO.

Instant Attraction ProgramAnd the moment you get her 'into' this sort of flirting conversation, you begin to quickly spark that inner attraction in her.

Women generally aren't attracted to guys who constantly submit in to their demands, they want someone 'challenging', fun and EXCITING.

It's absolutely crucial for you to get this right from the very beginning when you're dating women.

Simon Heong is the publisher of the Dating & Seduction Online Best Seller, the "Instant Attraction Program" -- the community's MOST COMPREHENSIVE program revealing the most intimate secrets on female attraction techniques and dating strategies.



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