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Seduction Science

Guided Home Audio Tantra Course


Why Pick-Up Artists Can’t Seduce ALL The Women

by Scot McKay
Copyright 2006 X & Y Communications

I’ve been writing articles such as this for quite some time now, and the research I’ve done on what attracts men and women to each other has been going on a lot longer than that.

And if there’s one thing I’ve learned to truly be entertained by, it’s some of these guys who proclaim themselves to be “great pick up artists”. Many have learned how to make a living at this, and can purportedly teach any man how to be “good with women”. And some of them have the track record to back it up.

I’ve seen several who claim to have slept with tens of thousands of women. You and I both know there’s a market for that kind of “expertise”, and LOTS of guys are willing to pay to tap into that kind of magical “way with women”.

And I believe they deserve exactly what they want. I cannot argue that.

What’s more, I don’t doubt these guys. I’m sure they are telling the truth. But I am also absolutely positive that there’s much more to success with women than “seduction”.

Why? Two reasons, mainly.

First, I’m no genius, but I’ve figured out something over the years that seems to apply here. If I singularly focus on ONE THING to the point of saturation, it soon loses its value to me. It’s just not all that fun anymore. I just don’t want to make a full time lifestyle out of keeping up with the expectation of having sex with two different women every day.

I think that would, well, lose its shine after a couple of years (?) or so. To me, something that becomes a full time job just isn’t any fun anymore after a while. Besides…good grief…how much “sexual variety” does it take before the “novelty” wears off?

And that goes double if I go and make a JOB out of it, teaching other guys how to have nonstop sex. Then it’s just flat-out WORK after a short while. And I think this applies even to sex. If I slept with a different woman—no, make that two—every day for thirty years straight, I’d be around the 20,000 number that one guy I’ve read about claims to “achieved” (or is that “scored”?). And I’d be ready for a “vacation”.

Second, I…um…might at some point become interested in BUILDING A RELATIONSHIP WITH A GREAT WOMAN. This, at least where I come from, typically involves spending more than half a day (max) with her. It also probably involves SEEING HER AGAIN SOME TIME.

Now, I fully understand that several of these “world class pickup artists” in the so-called “seduction community” have actually relocated to South America, Eastern Europe or other places where the women are apparently more “sexually open” than they are here in the good ol’ U-S-of-A.

Well, again. That’s fine for them. But on top of the other reasons I’ve given for not joining them, add to the list that I LIKE IT HERE. And I like the women here.

And there lies the kicker, party people. Clearly, even if a “pickup artist” achieves “greatness” in seducing women, there is always going to be a certain echelon of women that he is NEVER, EVER going to be able to have. And despite all the sexual “success” he claims, that has to be an empty feeling. I know so…because that’s what happens anytime the focus is on getting more and more of something. Greed is never sufficiently fed, is it?

I hear one of you guys out there saying, “Oh come on, McKay. Who would ever get sick of sex with two different women a day?” Well, you would. Why? Because no matter how great something is, if it’s ALL YOU’RE DOING it’s going to get BORING.

So who are these women who even the “world class” pick-up expert can’t “bed”? Simple. They’re the ones with enough self-respect, confidence and intelligence not to fall for being swindled into lowering their standards.

Take a look at the definition of “seduce”:

se·duce tr.v. se·duced, se·duc·ing, se·duc·es

1. To lead away from duty, accepted principles, or proper conduct. See Synonyms at lure.

2. To induce to engage in sex.

3. a. To entice or beguile into a desired state or position. b. To win over; attract.

The woman who will not be “tricked” into a half-day fling with a man who wants nothing more than sex is unattainable to the “pick-up” artist. Ironically, it would appear that the more women a pick-up artist has sex with, the lower the bar gets set in terms of the pool from which he can draw from. Women who at least want to take a shot at a committed relationship just aren’t going to buy that. Ever.

Neither are the women who are confident enough not to invest false hope in what are arrantly empty, deceitful promises designed uniquely to get her in bed. The most confident women who are relationship-minded are therefore out of bounds to the pick-up artist. Such women deserve what they want. And they don’t want what the seducer is proffering.

And to be sure, the man who deserves what he wants in terms of attracting a confident, feminine woman who will be a loyal mate is in a very interesting position. No, he’s not bedding countless women. He knows what all is at stake. And ironically, if he ever chose to, he could get not only the sharpest women we talked about in the previous paragraph—he could get any woman who would settle for a pick-up artist also.

Life is good when one deserves what one wants. One tends to get it. Whatever “it” is.

Want to hear more? Scot McKay is a dating coach in San Antonio, TX and founder of X & Y Communications, a one-stop-shop for dating resources. He is the author of the books “Deserve What You Want” and “Cook For Your Date”, and hosts the popular podcast series “X & Y On The Fly” with his fiancée Emily. He may be reached at scot at . Visit or for more info and a free gift. The podcast series is available free of charge at .


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