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Seduction Science

Guided Home Audio Tantra Course


Body Language

Attract Women Unconsciously in
3 Steps Using Body Language Cues

By Teddy Shabba

The funny thing about men when it comes to telling if a woman is attracted to a man or not is it is relatively easy to see unless you are the man she is attracted to.

When a woman is attracted to a man there are usually three unconscious displays of affection that she uses to create or maintain attraction.

They usually follow a certain sequence with each step taking the attraction further and further along.

Unfortunately for men if you miss just one step (usually the first or last) your chances of killing whatever attraction was developing is greatly increased.

Have no fear though as I have broken down all three steps for you below;

Step 1: Eye Contact - Essentially when you meet or see a woman and make eye contact, she will either break eye contact and not return your gaze (little to no interest) or maintain and keep eye contact (high interest).

If you see her eyes looking at yours recognize this as your opportunity to open up the conversation not to gather your confidence.

Step 2: Preening - If you notice her playing with or touching her hair in any kind of way or checking her makeup or clothes then there is a very good chance you are at the second step

Step 3: Getting Closer - Perhaps the most difficult step for men to pass mainly because it involves the most risk and effort on his part. Yet a man who decides to linger around step 2 instead of moving on to step 3 is going to fail more often than not with women who otherwise would have been attracted to him.

In the end going through the 3 steps of attraction using body language is quite simple.

If you don't hesitate climbing up the steps you really don't give women a chance to not not be attracted to you.

Make eye contact, look for the sign, and then make your move and you will discover yourself having a great amount of success with women.

Teddy Shabba is a Dating Coach for Men and creator of Dating Advice and Tips for Men which provides an abundance of information for men on dating and more. If you would like more information on how to attract, seduce and meet women sign up for the Teddy Shabba Dating Advice Newsletter for Men today.

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