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People Who Easily Attract The Right People Have These Seven Characteristics In Common

By Christine Akiteng

How is it that some people meet the “right one" and really create lasting relationships while all others get is short-lived infatuation and fighting like cats and dogs when they're not making love (that's is if they even make love at all)?

There are many theories on how we attract the “one”. Based on personal experience and having taught this for years now, I am convinced there are certain characteristics that make some people better candidates for attracting true love than others. Often by the third or forth coaching session, I know with 90% certainty who will attract true love and who has a long way to go.

1. They bring themselves into a place where they believe and expect it will happen without obsessing about it. While a majority of the population dwells on what they don’t want and collect statistics after statistics to prove how it’s hard, impossible, unachievable etc., people who attract love enter a place, every day, where they think and feel the likelihood of it happening. They are constantly gathering confirming data from their environment and moving forward more powerfully towards what they want.

2. They’re already in love. They are ready to be a loving partnership because they already love the person they are with –themselves. While each person has his or her own story, one common thing with many true love stories is that these people opened their minds, hearts and life to love and created the space for love to bring home the right one.

3. They are relatively content with the life they already live. Basically they’ve created an internalized emotional picture of how great they’ll feel when they’re with the right person, not what their love interest looks like, or what he or she does, but how they’ll feel when they’re around that person, and they’ve gone ahead and created that feeling in their lives.

4. They are not afraid of falling in love. They feel strong enough to be free of any fear under any circumstances, in any situation, and can say, feel, prove and show that they love - in public, to anyone, any place, any time. Their love is not tied to any conditions or reactions or romantic notions but is a natural a way of everyday life, something infinitely natural and doesn't need a "put on" to it.

5. They have realistic beliefs, attitudes and expectations about love and intimate relationships. They don’t just "follow good feelings", mostly, they know that truly loving an imperfect human being has more to do with loving him or her despite his or her “not so good” qualities not just loving him or her because of his or her good qualities only. They are willing and ready to put in effort in negotiating roles and responsibilities in a real world where people get up and go to work to pay bills, but also know when to quit when their energy is being drained.

6. They are not big on "over thinking" and “over analyzing” hence working themselves into a state of fear and procrastination, nor do they just sit on the couch in front of a TV waiting for love to arrive, luggage and all, at their doorstep. They go out and meet new and different people, try new ideas and new experiences and if they like them or like some elements of it, embrace those people, ideas and experiences into their current world view and lifestyle. This brings enrichment (enriched means different things to different people) into their lives making them very attractive to others living enriched lives.

7. They take risks and yet have a relatively good understanding of what is beyond or outside of their control. They believe there is a force at work, something out of their personal control, beyond their human efforts, something like God, higher intelligence, fate or destiny or random chance, something that re-arranges events so that everything kind of falls into place.

Do you have the characteristics that make you a candidate for attracting true love? Are you willing and ready to put the energy you generate swinging between hope and desperation into focused purposeful actions?

About the Author: Christine Akiteng is an internationally renowned Sexual Confidence/Dating Coach and author of eBook: The Art Of Seducing Out Of Fullness™. Her unique approach to dating has helped hundreds create positive, constructive, honest and fulfilling relationships.

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