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How to Attract Your Soulmate This Month
by Using the Laws of Attraction!

Do you spend most of your time wondering how you are going to find the one person that is right for you?

Have you been stuck in the dating rat race for what seems Like…forever?

Is your time slowly running out of having children with the right man or woman?

Perhaps you are starting to think that there isn't true love out there for you and that you are meant to be single.

If you are like most, you have probably tried many of the typical ways of meeting someone: You have spent countless nights at a local bar or club hoping that you will meet a person that is worthwhile. You have tried to use one of the online match making services which only led to weird emails from online losers. You may even have tried an expensive "professional" matching service that promised to find your soul mate but ended up leading to more dates with people that were just not right. You have likely come to the conclusion that, for whatever reason, you are not meeting anyone who even comes close to your ideal spouse.

The lack of progress may lead you to become discouraged and wonder if you will ever find someone special. I understand, that finding your true love can be a frustrating endeavor because I have been there. (Believe me, I heard my biological clock ticking loud and clear…) However, there is a better and easier way to find the love of your life. This is by simply developing and focusing your subconscious mind on the attributes of the person you want to meet. That is all there is too it! Unfortunately, very few people ever use this power because they don't know how or don't think they can.

This technique is also used when developing psychic abilities, which by the way everyone has. Your Intuition and Natural Psychic Abilities can help you attract More then just your soul mate. They can help you to achieve Any goal you set for yourself.

But let's return to the laws of attraction:

1. Create a wish list of the qualities you are looking for in a dream man or woman write everything on a piece of paper.

2. Drop this wish list into your subconscious mind by reading This list before you go to sleep for 30 days

3. Imagine how you both are drawn to each other like magnets and that nothing can stand in the way of meeting each other; and,

4. then watch what happens! You'll be surprised who you'll meet…

By doing this process before you go to sleep you are in a relaxed state of mind. Meditation and other relaxation techniques are quite helpful also. You will notice that you'll encounter more interesting people than before and Soon enough you'll see sparks flying with the person that is right for you.

To Your Success!


© 2007 Annette Sassou

Annette Sassou is a Psychic Medium and Life Coach and has Helped Many Students to Find True Love. Receive her 5 FREE Lessons on How to Achieve Your Goals by Using Your Intuition and Natural Psychic Powers at


Secrets Of Soulmate Love

Secrets Of Soulmate LoveAttract and Keep Your Perfect Soulmate! Discover the Secrets That Have Kept Love Exciting for 1,000s of Years!

This ancient wisdom about love and lovemaking has helped hundreds of couples attract their beloved Soulmates time and again in past lives, AND KEEP their love going and growing ever more joyous and blissful.

Now these SECRETS of SOULMATE LOVE can be yours —if you really want to get the love you deserve.


Instant Dating Success

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