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Make Every Man Want You More With Marie Forleo

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How To Spot A Dangerous Man


Secrets of a Man Magnet: How They Attract Men

By Tonja Weimer

Do you wonder why some women have no difficulty attracting all the men they want? Some qualities are ageless and there are certain women who are irresistible to men. Would you like to know what their secrets are?

Here are three secrets of a man magnet:

* They are easy to talk to.

Man magnets are approachable. Not only that, but they are not afraid to go up to someone and start a conversation. They aren't predatory. They aren't aggressive. They're just friendly. They make it easy for a guy to talk to them.

They aren't always movie star beautiful, but they know how to make the most with what they have. They dress well, keep their fingers and toes manicured, have their hair in a flattering cut, and watch their weight.

Often, they have a routine workout regimen so they can stay in shape. (However, I have seen man magnets who are decidedly overweight, and it didn't stop the male traffic to their door.)

*They are definitely feminine.

Man magnets smell good, wearing their own signature perfume. They also wear soft fabrics like silk, cashmere, or suede that you want to cozy up to and stroke.

They notice what's unique about you and give genuine compliments, so that you feel good about yourself. They touch you often, fuss over your well being, and make generous gestures to make you comfortable.

Who wouldn't want to be in her company? Whether it's plumping your pillow or baking you some cinnamon rolls, you want to be near this person and let her take care of you, even if it is only for five minutes.

*They are strong but vulnerable at the same time.

They can face the most formidable adversary without blinking an eye, but cry at the sad parts of a moving story. They also know how to call upon their considerable strengths.

Whether it's earning a paycheck, organizing the community behind a project, raising children, or all of the above, these women know how to handle themselves. However, they also know how to ask men for help, which is flattering to a man's "fix-it" mentality.

These three secrets can change your life. These are the basic characteristics of a man magnet. Develop these qualities and you too can have all the dates you want.

Visit or for more tips, skills, and insight on dating, relationships, singles, and love. Subscribe to our F*ree Savvy Dating Newsletter from master single's coach, life coach, and syndicated columnist, Tonja Weimer. Copyright 2006, Tonja Weimer. (Please note source if reprinting this article.)

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How To be Irresistible to Men

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