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Make Every Man Want You More With Marie Forleo

8 Steps to Create, Heal, Improve and Transform Your Relationships

How To Spot A Dangerous Man


How To Attract Men, Attract Guys

Dating And Attraction Tips To
Captivate The Man Of Your Dreams

Make Every Man Want You More
with Marie Forleo and Amy Waterman

Make Every Man Want You More At last, something that doesn't teach women to act like men or play dumb like bimbos.

This is a course for real women, women with minds and intellects, women who want to attract men without compromising their integrity.

Amy Waterman, author and host of How To Be Irresistible To Men, Seduction Genie, and a host of other relationships resources, has joined forces with Marie Forleo, author of Make Every Man Want You (Or Make Yours Want You More): How to Be So Damn Irresistible You'll Barely Keep from Dating Yourself!

Amy and Marie are both well-known names in the relationships market, and it is quite exciting to see what they have created. The result of their collaboration is Make Every Man Want You More, a course that answers the real questions that real women have about making dating, commitment, and modern relationships work. I loved listening to their lessons on hot topics like:

  • How to Be Irresistible Now
  • The Essential Tools Every Modern Woman Needs in a Modern Dating World
  • Keys to Creating Instant Attraction
  • How to Authentically Get and Keep His Attention
  • No-Fail Topics to Talk about with Any Man
  • Deadly Dating Mistakes that Turn Men Off

Marie and Amy have cleverly incorporated the concept of "living in the moment" or "living in the now" into their course. Authors and thinkers from Eckhart Tolle to Wayne Dyer have discussed this concept widely, and now Marie and Amy have taken this concept and applied it to the dating world.

Marie tell us how your irresistibility lies in this moment, because this is where life happens. It's not about aiming towards creating happiness in your future; it is about making it happen in this moment. This is a course that teaches the philosophy of being fully engaged in your life, being fully awake, and conscious.

This course is a refreshing look at attracting men because it doesn't start by trying to "fix" you. It doesn't assume you are "broken," which makes me want to read more. It asks you to acknowledge your past, but not to be defined by it. Every moment you are in is said to be brand new, has never happened before, and will never happen again. If you are able to get into this mindspace with Marie and Amy, real changes are going to take place.

Marie and Amy's Make Every Man Want you More answers the big questions about life and love from women who want more from their life and want a change to their dating success, but don't want to buy into the "rules" of dating, or play games. It actually encourages readers to be more self-aware, more present in the moment, and more fully participative in life and relationships.

In addition to the 4.5 hours of audio, you get a 125-page workbook and bonus interviews, including an interview with podcaster and personal coach Emily McKay, better known for her work in X and Y On The Fly and Online Dating Profile Rating. They tackle some really interesting topics like dating over 50, dating as a single mom, and hearing your biological clock ticking.

Make Every Man Want You More is the solution you've been looking for if you are looking for ways to let your past go and focus on what needs to be done today. Making every man want you more starts today, and before the end of the first lesson, you'll realize why the future you dream of isn't so far away at all.


How To Find The Man Of Your Dreams

How To Find The Man Of Your DreamsStop waiting for love to find you. Bob Grant, "The Relationship Doctor", gives you a Proven Step-by-Step Plan for Finding the Love of Your Life.

Would you rather wait for your dream man to fall into your lap by some stroke of luck -- or would you rather take positive, constructive action to compel your dream man to arrive at your doorstep?

If you'd rather do it the old-fashioned way and wait for him to show up, then prepare yourself for a long wait.

But if you'd rather pursue your dream man the way you pursue any worthwhile goal in your life -- that is, by following a step-by-step proven plan, then you simply cannot be without How to Find the Man of Your Dreams.


Have The Relationship You Want: A Womans Guide To Transforming Your Love Life Practically Overnight!

Have The Relationship You Want. A Womans Guide To Transforming Your Love Life Practically OvernightLearn how to get more love, romance, and a deeper emotional connection with a man.

Have you ever wondered why some women seem to naturally attract great men, while your friends keep telling you the only men out there are losers?

The truth is that most women use words and body language that work wonderfully - for pushing men away.

There's another way of talking and moving that makes men instinctively come toward you.

It’s a way to see him and relationship free of all the drama and confusion. It’s a way to stop doing what’s pushing him away, and those things will surprise you.

You can be cherished and adored. And it can happen quickly.

All you need is new tools, a fresh perspective, and a willingness to try something none of your friends even know about. Men won’t understand what you’re doing, but they’ll see the effect it has on every man around you.

In Have the Relationship You Want, you’ll find tool after tool - (that actually work!) - explained step-by-step. You'll be able to use them right away to transform your love life practically overnight – whether you're single, in a relationship, or married.


Secrets Of Soulmate Love

Secrets Of Soulmate LoveAttract and Keep Your Perfect Soulmate! Discover the Secrets That Have Kept Love Exciting for 1,000s of Years!

Are YOU Longing for Your Soulmate? If you already have a mate, do you want to improve your relationship by experiencing more kindness, more trust, more harmony? Do you finally want to get all the love that you desire and deserve? Not only is it possible but it is easier to create than you might imagine! Your ideal relationship with a Soulmate is closer than you think.

This ancient wisdom about love and lovemaking has helped hundreds of couples attract their beloved Soulmates time and again in past lives, AND KEEP their love going and growing ever more joyous and blissful. This ancient wisdom - assembled into proven processes based on 9 years of relationship counseling - has HELPED many of my clients to either ATTRACT a new love or to IMPROVE an existing relationship.

Now these SECRETS of SOULMATE LOVE can be yours —if you really want to get the love you deserve.


The Woman Men Adore... And Never Want to Leave

The Woman Men Adore... And Never Want to LeaveSome women are adored so much that men never want to leave their company. Now You can be one of them.

In this eBook you will find both practical and enlightening insights that any woman can implement to enhance her romantic relationships such as…..

  • Knowing how to diffuse a man without raising your voice.
  • Have your man want to protect you when you feel overwhelmed.
  • Why to much giving is actually competing with your man.

Most women only dream of this kind of influence, but you can experience if for yourself. If you have ever wondered why you are successful in so many other areas and yet that one area goes unfulfilled, then I've got a secret to tell you. It's not about trying harder! You simply need to know what to try.

"The Woman Men Adore...and Never Want to Leave" will give you the insights that will change your relationships with men forever. These insights will work whether or not your man (or any man for that matter) wants to be influenced by you or not.


Relationships With Men Made Easy

Men Made EasySecrets About Men You Absolutely Must Know. Does your relationship fall short of your expectations? Do you crave more love, respect, and fulfillment? Are you ready for more love and romance? Are you ready for more love, romance, passion, and fun? To get more love and romance, you need to learn what is really going on with men.

Men Made Easy will show you how to transform your love life. In just a few hours of fun reading, you will be getting an understanding of men so deep that you will actually know them better than they know themselves. It's like evesdropping on his private thoughts. And as soon as you begin to put the secrets into practice you will start to notice him responding.

It's a bit like magic because it will seem almost too easy. Like getting the recipe for an ancient love potion. You can create a sweeter, more loving relationship...almost immediately.Thousands of women have used the secrets with amazing results and so can you.



All About Calling Men: Know When and When Not To Call The Man You Are Dating

Before You Call Your Man, Read This Book! Have you ever hesitated before you dialed his number? Have you ever made a phone call to a man and later regretted it? What happens when you call - or don't call - the man in your life can truly make or break your relationship?

Calling Men is not an etiquette book or a business manual - this is a book to get to the truth of how to handle this oh-so-important part of your relationship with your man.

Get free of the pain that comes with the confusion about when to call men - and when not to.

If you're willling to practice the secrets instinctively known by women who do what works... and you want to know the details on what works and why... then this book is absolutely for you.

Flirting Secrets: The Secrets Of Flirting With Men

How to get any man's attention - the Right Way. Mimi Tanner’s “Lifelong Flirting™ online class” with the secrets of flirting and getting the attention of your man. Flirting is what a man needs from you more than anything else. Flirting takes the ordinary and makes it extraordinary.

Flirting is what will cause a man to be devoted to you for the rest of his life. Now you can discover how to flirt, and have the most “wicked” (but innocent) fun with any man on the planet, even if you have no idea what to say or do.

Cure Commitment Phobia: From Commitment Phobe to "I Do"

A Strategic Ten-Step Plan for Winning Over Your Commitment-Phobic Lover.

Do YOU Love a Commitment Phobic Man? You're not alone. This amazing and truthful webBook shows us how to win over the heart of a Commitment Phobia Person and get them to offer us a real commitment of marriage.

Now you can learn the special strategies you need to get your Commitment-Phobic Lover to open up to you, come back to you, and want to be with you - forever.


Why Men Leave And Other Unexpected Surprises

A Revolutionary New Program Which Provides You With Fast And Proven Means Of creating Joyous and Deeply Satisfying Relationships.

"WHY MEN LEAVE" is a revealing, intimate ebook program which is the result of years of psychological study and field research with a singular point -- to understand male psychology with regards to relationships, and derive from men themselves the fears they face, and hopes they have in a relationship.

The result? Important discoveries - both startling, enlightening and scientifically grounded - as to why men decided to end their relationships, and what could have made it easier for them stay and find a meaningful resolution.

Drawing on hundreds of interviews with the men, and extensive expert research, along with insights from today’s top psychologists, "WHY MEN LEAVE" gives, for the first time, a full picture of what men need to be happy, find to be challenging, or finally unbearable in their relationships.

And because it is from the man's perspective, new and unique insights and solutions are proven to become apparent for both woman and for men.


Hypnotize and Mesmerize Men

Open The Emotional Doorway To A Man's Heart. Understand the secrets of men's hearts... and secretly, subtly, mesmerize men to get beneath their reflexive resistance, and connect to the warmth and love within.

Stir and command the power within any man -- you can "Rouse the Lion" inside him -- so that he pushes himself to please and satisfy you. Inside you is the authentic power of hypnosis -- subtle, covert hypnosis. And you can use it to drive his passions in a way no other woman can.

Discover the secrets to truly understanding men and how you can captivate and inspire any man with subtle emotional hypnosis! Just imagine... the man of your choosing falling deeply in love with you and wanting to meet your every desire now and 10 years from now.

Attract men, seduce men, keep men interested, and keep men committed... with just a few very simple emotional recipes. Discover never-before-revealed truths about the male psyche-- truths that can enable you to open
an entirely new doorway into deeper places within his heart.


Passion Keys: A Woman's Ultimate Guide To Unlocking The Love In A Man's Heart

You have the power to make your man fall madly in love with you, if you learn precisely the kinds of things that you can start doing now to make your man unlock the love he has in heart for you. Find out exactly what you need to do now to get your man to cherish you more, love you more deeply, and derive joy in fulfilling your heart's romantic desires.

Learn how to use 33 "Passion Keys" to tear down the walls around your man's heart and release the passionate love he has in his heart for you. The truth is - You don't have all the answers when it comes to understanding men, their needs and desires, and what it takes to make them fall head over heels in love.

Passion Keys eliminates the guesswork, the confusion, the stress, and shows you precisely what works when it comes to unlocking the love in your man's heart. There really is a deeper kind of love tucked away in his heart. Passion Keys just shows you the easiest way to get it out of him.


How To Be More Attractive

How To Be More AttractiveLearn The Secret Of Having An Attractive Personality That Makes People Attracted To You.

Attractiveness Gives YOU everything that you wan from your business, job, relationships, family. "Be More Attractive" is a guide that will provide you with a number of beneficial things namely the fact that you will be able to say that you are an attractive, defined and passionate person.

Learn just what it means to be charismatic. One of the foundations of understanding what charismatic is and how it correlates to you is to understand communication skills.

How To Be More Attractive” will show you how to let your voice comes from deep within you, which is called resonance. This will make a huge difference in your life. People will know you, will listen to you and will be attracted to you!

With “How To Be More Attractive” you can expand your horizons and really become the person that you want to be. Others will instantly be drawn to you because the charm and energy coming from you.


How To Be Irresistible To Men

How To Be Irresistible To MenAmy Waterman's membership site is filled with with audios and videos that have some excellent information on meeting and attracting the kind of man you've always wanted.

It will open your eyes to a whole new world of dating and attraction. Once you discover the philosophy behind what attraction is, how it works and how to create it, your whole reality will change forever.

With How to Be Irresistible to Men, you'll also discover how to overcome any insecurities that are holding you back, such as shyness, lack of confidence in yourself, or doubt about your looks.

You'll feel a natural self-confidence and flirt naturally with men! Her course will transform you completely so that you'll no longer have to work at attracting men. You'll naturally radiate attraction - a secret of the world's most desired women.

Get her FREE Email Mini Course + Newsletter Series That Reveals Powerful Secrets to Attract Men Who're Ready to Emotionally Commit and Have Eyes for Only You - or Spice Up a Relationship You Already Have! Learn How To Be Irresistible To Men Today!


How to Get Your Man Back and Keep Him Devoted to You For Good

How to Get Your Man Back and Keep Him Devoted to You For GoodHow To Get Your Guy Back Even When It Seems Hopeless.

When a man leaves a relationship, and the woman wonders where she went wrong, and tries desperately to get him back, that's actually a common pattern.

It certainly causes a lot of distress in women -- but the good news is that there's an easy solution to this problem!

Bob Grant reveals to you his word-for-word script -- 9 incredibly powerful words you can say to your man that will make him realize he simply couldn't bear to lose you!

Adopt his game plan as soon as possible. Don't wait until your man has moved on in his life without you and shut you out of his heart forever.

You must strike while the iron's hot. When you follow my game plan exactly as prescribed, it is highly likely that he'll come running back to you.


Bring Back A Lost Love

Bring Back The Love Of Your Life, No Matter How Hopeless Your Situation Appears. A Potent 4-Step Strategy Which Works! Regardless of the distance between you, regardless of their hardened hearts, regardless of the barriers that keep you apart, you can mend your broken heart and bring back your lover!

Forget Your Ex In Just 24 Hrs

Forget painful ex-memories after break-ups. Studies back in 1936 by Dr. Benjamin Malzberg show that the longer you keep bad ex memories the more chances you might get mental disability.

Deep down you know you have been hurt and if you want to forget those bad memories and painful experience of your ex once and for all. Forget your ex in 24 hrs is the only technology that will help you to heal quicker.



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The Thoughts that Occupy the Minds of Most Men

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Why 'Perfect' Men Are Dangerous

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What to Do When He Freaks Out



Celebrating Women: Regarding Ecstasy & Power™

Celebrating Men, Satisfying Women®: A Two-Day Workshop for Women

Understand Men 101: Making Sense Of Men™

Celebrating Men & Sex™: Heal Your Wounds and Change the Way You Relate To Men

Celebrating Men & Marriage™: Free yourself from the fantasies and superstitions about marriage


Dating Coach: Learn The Rules Of Dating Without Drama

Paige Parker, author of the ebook, “Dating Without Drama” will now show the eager readers of the benefits of taking a more rational – and less emotional – approach to dating. Ms. Parker will contribute a weekly “Dating Dish” column for, India’s online magazine for empowered women.

“When you date without drama, you’re allowed to feel – and honor – all of your emotions just as you normally would; you’ll just learn not to let yourself or your actions be controlled by them,” notes Ms. Parker. “You'll begin to make decisions and take action from a place of confidence, not weakness or desperation. The feelings of neediness will disappear. You will get out of your own way and allow yourself to have a successful relationship.”

“One of the things I really appreciate about ‘Dating Without Drama’ is that it encourages a woman to be independent, do her own thing, feel happy, and maintain her integrity and self-respect. A good man is just part of the mix in a fulfilling life,” notes a reader, from Seattle, WA. Another reader testifies that the advice offered is “Very empowering. Very practical and way more realistic than ‘The Rules’.”

“Ms. Parker’s column is a valuable addition to the information we provide at, and strongly connects with our own efforts to empower women have successful relationships, by becoming independent, and living their lives with dignity,” states Priya Florence Shah, editor of

The latest “Dating Dish” column is now available at


Be the Person You Want to Find : Relationship and Self-Discovery

You're Never Upset For The Reason You Think: The Cure For The Common Upset

Stop Being the String Along: A Relationship Guide to Being THE ONE

Loving Him Without Losing You: How to Stop Disappearing and Start Being Yourself

The Dance of Intimacy: A Woman's Guide to Courageous Acts of Change in Key Relationships



How To Spot A Dangerous Man

How To be Irresistible to Men

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